Summertime is finally here!

At last the weather we have all been waiting for. Sun, warmth and clear skies. Time to put away those heavier corsets and bring out the lighter and smaller versions for the summer. No point sweating away in an uncomfortable corset now is there? Hang up those heavy numbers and bring out the summer versions if you have them and if you don’t why not? You’d be crazy not to. A lightweight corset like the Coutil Underbust Corset would be the perfect number for the summer. It lightweight construction but no loss of strength will have you keeping cool during those long hot summer days. Or how about the Bébé Underbust CorsetBebe Underbust Corset, it’s small construction allows the maximum movement you can get in a corset and you can have it as part of you tightlacing repertoire. Without forgetting that it still gives you your hourglass figure. Enjoy the weather my fellow corseters.

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