Bébé Underbust Corset

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  • Model: CIU053


Our brand new, adorable Bébé underbust corset in Satin Coutil, with a set of four detachable suspenders.

A perfect occasionwear or daily-wear corset, designed especially to be worn comfortably under clothing, allowing for ease of movement whilst giving a gorgeous and enviable hourglass silhouette. A great waist cincher to give you those great curves.

Available in both Standard and Training spec (Training spec features extra boning, and a twill interlining, making this a very durable, supportive corset suitable for 23/7 tightlacing).

Boned with 6mm and 10mm flat steels.

Please enter your actual body measurements; your corset will be made with a 4" reduction.

The length of this corset is approx 3.75" below the waist, and 3" above the waist. Please note that due to the short length of this corset the maximum natural waist size catered for is 32".