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Case Study - Brian and Suzie

Back in early September 2010 a customer contacted us as he wished to buy his wife a corset. He had been looking around at what to get and settled on a corset. He did not want to buy some lingerie again as this had not gone down too well before. Mostly due to what he thought was nice in her eyes was clearly not. Initially Brian wanted to keep it a complete surprise for his wife but had one major problem. He did not know what his wife's measurements were. Brian thought that he would guess at a size and design and buy that and then if the corset did not fit his wife would exchange it for another corset. He had chosen the Spoon Busk Corset.

Spoon Busk Corset

Upon speaking to us on the phone, when his wife was not around, we discussed the idea and he agreed with us that this would not make the best present. Why get a corset top that does not fit and so you cannot wear it and have to exchange the corset for another one, or buy one that his wife did not like or suit her. We told Brian that if he really wanted to get her a corset that would best fit his wife and be the one she would truly appreciate and wear it would be better to get Suzie, his wife, involved in the purchase.

Not long later Suzie was informed of Brian's intentions and was shown our website. Suzie really liked the idea of getting a corset and could see herself in one. After having a look through our selection we spoke to them again and discussed what type of corset would be most suitable in terms of what it was intended for. Suzie told us that she would like to wear the corset on a daily basis whilst at work and out of work. So it had to be flexible enough in more ways than one.

Brian's choice was dropped as this corset would not have been practical everyday. We decided that an underbust corset would be the best solution as it is the moset flexible corset in terms of movement and clothing it can go with. Suzie needed to be able to be flexible enough at work to do her job so an overbust corset would have constrained her too much. Suzie was not a regular corset wearer and therefore would have found an overbust too differcult to wear all day long. A regular wearer would be able to deal with this. With Suzie being involved in the decision process we were able to get correct measurements with the aid of the corset fitting guide page. Which saved time and the inconvienience of having to replace the present for one that actually fitted Suzie.

Brian and Suzie both looked through the selection of underbust corsets and decided that they would both appreciate a satin material. The leather one although very beautiful they felt would not be good for everyday usage. With some more discussion on the phone they chose the Smooth Underbust Corset as their choice.

Smooth Underbust Corset

The next decision to be made was the colour. When all the details were settled upon they made their purchase.

This was then ordered through the website through our secure online processing facility and then delivered to Brian and Suzie. We received a phone call from Suzie about a week after receiving the corset to let us know that it fitted her perfectly and was easy to wear under her clothes when at work and as part of her outfit when going out to dinner in the evening. Brian was also very pleased that his wife was wearing it and that he had finally gotten her clothing that Suzie appreciated.