Waist Training Tips

Having a rummage around on YouTube today and came accross a very helpful video for all you tightlacers out there. Honey Rose (aka trollsneedhugs) has made a quick review of lacing up your corset with the minimum of effort. I think it’s a great tip and certainly saves on the arm strain when trying to lace up by yourself. Have a look at this video and see for yourself what one little adjustment can do for you.

Have you worn a corset yet? Are you wearing corsets?

Have you been thinking about wearing a corset? I know I have. I can’t get the thought of wearing corsets out of my head, I even dream about them. What type of people should be wearing corsets? The answer is everybody and anybody that wants to be wearing corsets. You don’t need to do anything special, just have the mindset to wear one. Silk or satin or denim, doesn’t matter about the type of material or even the different designs of corset whether it’s an overbust or a underbust. Recently its been about waist trainers, Elle’s Corsets. She has some lovely designs and great colours to match. A lot of thought goes into each design she produces.
Do you think about having one? Now is the time to go for it. With the summer coming soon wearing corsets would be the perfect accessory to any outfit.
Smooth underbust corset in blue satin A simple underbust or waist cincher can be a great way to keep in the waistline without having to wear a full overbust corset or those annoying slimwear things that constantly ride up on you. I have noticed that a lot more of them are coming onto the market but I just don’t see the point. They do not stay in place unless you get the full body suits, but then you have the problem of being too hot in the summertime. An underbust corset is the solution to me. No excess of material and you still have the ability to wear underneath your clothes or on top.
Any thoughts?