New to corsets?

Anyone new to wearing a corset, would like to wear one but looking for something comfortable as well as pretty. In my experience I think the Axfords Smooth Satin Over Bust Corset is a gem. For a first time wearer it will give you the lovely shape you would expect from a corset, but it is also suprisingly light to wear.

I love my comfort and I will rarely suffer for beauty so I would recommend this corset on many levels. It is constructed with a sprial steel bone which makes it light weight, and is made from a high quality durable satin.
I would consider this a great investment as it would work well under clothes, has that all important ‘smooth outline’ and has the ‘va va voom’ when that is not the priority 🙂 This corset will suit all shapes and sizes and there is a plus size range for those with a curvy figure. Just a great corset to start with.