Tell a Friend

Well, we had some fun with the “tell a friend” facility on one of our websites yesterday. After a bit of detective work we found that someone had managed to utilise our free email service to tell other people about our products for their own devices! They had created a robot that sent out emails aka spam to all sorts of email addresses claiming it was from us but in reality it was from some dodgy website and plenty of bogus email accounts claiming you could make money by processing emails. What a cheek!
Once we found this we immediately go to work and installed a CAPTCHA system on it which has currently stopped it in its tracks. NO MORE SPAM!
So I advise all of you that have websites with self emailing systems to put something on it to make sure its a human and not a robot. You don’t want to get blacklisted. And keep a close eye on the email account that those emails are generated from. They can send out hundreds of emails a day. If you do find anything like this do report the email addresses to the email providers. They will investigate and shut down the email accounts and block the websites. Don’t make it easy for them.