Wedding Fairs

What do you think of wedding fairs? Are you one of these people who go around to wedding fairs to get ideas on what to do for your wedding? Do you get ideas? Do you think they are worth it? Or do you get just as much information looking in magazines or on the internet? I want to know. I have been to some and they always seem very stifled affairs where the stall owners are standing around looking awkward and trying not to look out-of-place. There has only been one or two that I have attended as either an exhibitor or as a guest where it felt lively and jovial and made you feel like you actually wanted to be there. Most of the places have been offering last-minute deals to try to get you interested in going and offering a so-called knocked down price as they have been unable to get the interest they need from business. I personally find it irritating and feel that they should have asked me earlier than a couple of days before hand. Like I can drop everything and rush off to a show. I don’t think anybody can and fork out all that money for the privilege. Too much of a risk I believe.
Have you been to a wedding show? Let me know your attitude to them and what you get out of them? What do you, the public, think these shows could do better?