Jazzing up an old design

Don’t be fooled into thinking that we just supply regular corsets. No no no, we create as well. Recently, we have taken an old design and turned it into something new and great. Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old design, it is one of my favourites. But we always listen to our customers and try to come up with something new for those that would like a corset a little different from the rest. We took the basque corset design Basque Corset as a base and removed the lace trim from the bottom and the fixed on suspenders. We then created a lace overlay for the corset and will be putting gold studs on the cup. It’s going to look fabulous. No longer will be an undergarment, it will become a corset that can be worn everyday and look stunning. A true custom piece.
I will publish some photos when we’re done.
If you have any ideas on what you would like to do to one of our designs then get in contact with us and we will see what we can do.

Jane Woolrich Lingerie Demonstrations

Some wonderful designs from our talented Jane Woolrich. If you are interested in any of them let us know.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 7072 nightdress with 7081 negligee at the Curve Exhibition in New York.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 5273 nightdress with 5284 negligee.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 30710 nightdress.

The return of the girdle, it’s making a comeback

Many times have we been asked about producing something a little less restrictive than a corset and people often pointed to the antique girdle up on the wall in our old shop. They commented that they would like one or they used to own one themselves. We have had people tell us that they have been getting their old girdle repaired from the last twenty odd years and would love to get themselves a new one.
So upon speaking to one of our corsetieres, we have come upon with a modern take on the girdle. New girdle in tan colourgirdle in white with multiple hooks
We can have them made in multiple materials and many different rows of hooks as necessary. The tan version only has one row and the white one has four. Also we can put in steel bones into the frame for extra support if needed. There are many options which you can choose from as there is no set pattern, so if you need a few extra columns of hook and eyes you can have them, just let us know.

New In – Chinese Silks

We received four new swatches from one of our suppliers today showcasing the new chinese silk range. We absolutely love them and will have them up on the site soon. Three of them have the chinese dragon in them and one has just the oriental flower motif. These will look fabulous done up as either overbust or underbust corsets.