What do you want?

At Corsets Ireland we are always trying to provide you with the best corsets from around the work at the best prices we can. To help keep us up to date we would like to know from you what you would like to see on our site in regards to corset makers, styles or other features that would benefit the corsets. Please email us at corsets@corset.ie or use the contact us page. Help us to provide you the customer with a better service. What do you feel that we can we do to improve to make your experience better. As an incentive we will give each suggestion that we use a 20% dicount off their next purchase as a thank you.

Lace over satin Corsets – New to Corsets Ireland from Axfords

We are giving you 10% off Axfords lace range to celebrate the official launch of these new lace over satin corsets. These corsets can be obtained in 27 different colour choices. Plenty of styles to choose from to suit every occasion.
There are three overbust corsets:
Lace over satin overbust corset
Lace over satin overbust corset.
Long style lace over satin corset.
Sweetheart corset with lace over satin.
And two underbust corsets:
Fluted Panel underbust corsetFluted panel underbust corset.
Lace over satin underbust corsetLace over satin underbust corset.
Also as an added extra we are adding to our range a lace shrug for those occasions where you just want something light to cover up with.

Made in Ireland

We have recently introuced two ranges by Kinnaird of Ireland, the Ella and the Dita corsets. Each corset is hand made in Ireland by one corsetier from start to finish in a quality duchess satin. This is a fantastic all round corset as it is tripple bonded (three layers of fabric) which makes it perfectly capable for tight lacing, everyday wear or evening wear. There is a good variety of colours in these ranges and the EllaElla Corset starting at €115 is excellent value for such a high quality corset. We are so impressed with these corsets as they are beautifully finished and the level of workmanship is second to none.

Christmas is coming!

As Christmas is just around the corner, you may have noticed from the increased adverts for childrens toys at least every other advert regardless of the time of day, now is the time to start thinking about what to get for your loved on this christmas. A corset would be the perfect timeless gift that will last for many years to come. A embroidered silk corset would be a truly amazing gift, treat yourself or someone special with something feminine, elegant and long lasting. If you cannot decide on what to get give a gift certificate and they can choose for themselves. That way you can both share in the choice and you will get a corset that your loved one truly adores and not get shoved to the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day again.Embroidered Silk Overbust Corset

Just In – Jane Woolrich!

We are very proud to be the first online retailer in Ireland to offer you made to measure Jane Woolrich lingerie, nightwear and corsets. Jane has been making lingerie for over 25 years. Her product has been unashamedly romantic and feminine and has featured recently in catwalk shows in New York, Moscow and Prague.
A selection of the Jane Woolrich lingerie and nightwear collection can be found in our Elegant Lingerie section.

A little something extra

Ever thought you would like something a little extra to go with the corset you just bought. Well so have we. Just getting a corset doesn’t go far enough there are other things to think about like stockings and knickers for starters. I believe that a corset should always be accompanied by a pair of stockings. It really finishes off the look. Whether you go for the old fashioned stockings that need to be connected to a garter belt or corset garters or the more modern hold ups, thy should be considered evey time. Plus being able to get a pair of knickers that match a corset can go a long way too which is why we have decided to add a new range or ranges onto our collection to provide you with an all round shopping experience and not have to shop around to find all the pieces you need. Coming soon we will have stockings and knickers available to buy as well as a few other selected items.

New to corsets?

Anyone new to wearing a corset, would like to wear one but looking for something comfortable as well as pretty. In my experience I think the Axfords Smooth Satin Over Bust Corset is a gem. For a first time wearer it will give you the lovely shape you would expect from a corset, but it is also suprisingly light to wear.

I love my comfort and I will rarely suffer for beauty so I would recommend this corset on many levels. It is constructed with a sprial steel bone which makes it light weight, and is made from a high quality durable satin.
I would consider this a great investment as it would work well under clothes, has that all important ‘smooth outline’ and has the ‘va va voom’ when that is not the priority 🙂 This corset will suit all shapes and sizes and there is a plus size range for those with a curvy figure. Just a great corset to start with.

Discount Corsets

We have created a new section called Seconds. This is where we will be putting corsets that we cannot sell as new items. They can come from many sources and be in here for a few reasons, e.g. returns due to incorrect sizing or showcased items. Rather than having them gathering dust on a shelf or being dismantled to make another corset we are giving you the opportunity to buy a nearly new corset at a seriuosly reduced price. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, we have made the decision not to send corsets out to customer again once they have been out a first time. This way you can be assured of the quality of workmanship in each and every corset. We will not send out anything below our high standards and this goes for the seconds too.