Updating Stuff

Been busy today updating the theme on this blog. Never realised just how many varieties there are out there. It took me ages to scroll through hundreds of options to find one I liked. I hope you like it too. Please suggest an alternative if you think there’s a better one out there.

It didn’t help much getting blocked from my own webserver as well. It didn’t like the amount of attempts I was making but you need lots when editing. I like to be able to see the different versions plus all the code so I have muliple pages open. That tends to annoy the server somewhat. The only method of fixing it today was to shut down evertyhing here and reboot the router to enable me to get a new web ip. Then hey presto I’m up and running again.


Summer Corsets

As it’s now the summer officially despite the slight downturn in the weather recently have you thought about your corset? Do you have a summer version? I find that a full overbust corset is too hot and heavy to wear all the tim and so have moved over to a lighter underbust version that i much thinner. Therefore it allows me a bit more freedom in movement and I stay cooler but don’t lose any of the restrictve behaviuor that a corset needs to do. I prime example of one I use is the Coutil underbust corset – http://corset.ie/zen/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=327

Coutil Underbust Corset Picture
Coutil Underbust Corset

What do you go for in the hot summer months? Or do not bother? For all of you 23/7 corset wearers what can you suggest to our fellow readers?

Jazzing up an old design

Don’t be fooled into thinking that we just supply regular corsets. No no no, we create as well. Recently, we have taken an old design and turned it into something new and great. Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old design, it is one of my favourites. But we always listen to our customers and try to come up with something new for those that would like a corset a little different from the rest. We took the basque corset design Basque Corset as a base and removed the lace trim from the bottom and the fixed on suspenders. We then created a lace overlay for the corset and will be putting gold studs on the cup. It’s going to look fabulous. No longer will be an undergarment, it will become a corset that can be worn everyday and look stunning. A true custom piece.
I will publish some photos when we’re done.
If you have any ideas on what you would like to do to one of our designs then get in contact with us and we will see what we can do.

Summertime is finally here!

At last the weather we have all been waiting for. Sun, warmth and clear skies. Time to put away those heavier corsets and bring out the lighter and smaller versions for the summer. No point sweating away in an uncomfortable corset now is there? Hang up those heavy numbers and bring out the summer versions if you have them and if you don’t why not? You’d be crazy not to. A lightweight corset like the Coutil Underbust Corset would be the perfect number for the summer. It lightweight construction but no loss of strength will have you keeping cool during those long hot summer days. Or how about the Bébé Underbust CorsetBebe Underbust Corset, it’s small construction allows the maximum movement you can get in a corset and you can have it as part of you tightlacing repertoire. Without forgetting that it still gives you your hourglass figure. Enjoy the weather my fellow corseters.

Waist Training Tips

Having a rummage around on YouTube today and came accross a very helpful video for all you tightlacers out there. Honey Rose (aka trollsneedhugs) has made a quick review of lacing up your corset with the minimum of effort. I think it’s a great tip and certainly saves on the arm strain when trying to lace up by yourself. Have a look at this video and see for yourself what one little adjustment can do for you.

Wedding Fairs

What do you think of wedding fairs? Are you one of these people who go around to wedding fairs to get ideas on what to do for your wedding? Do you get ideas? Do you think they are worth it? Or do you get just as much information looking in magazines or on the internet? I want to know. I have been to some and they always seem very stifled affairs where the stall owners are standing around looking awkward and trying not to look out-of-place. There has only been one or two that I have attended as either an exhibitor or as a guest where it felt lively and jovial and made you feel like you actually wanted to be there. Most of the places have been offering last-minute deals to try to get you interested in going and offering a so-called knocked down price as they have been unable to get the interest they need from business. I personally find it irritating and feel that they should have asked me earlier than a couple of days before hand. Like I can drop everything and rush off to a show. I don’t think anybody can and fork out all that money for the privilege. Too much of a risk I believe.
Have you been to a wedding show? Let me know your attitude to them and what you get out of them? What do you, the public, think these shows could do better?

Jane Woolrich Lingerie Demonstrations

Some wonderful designs from our talented Jane Woolrich. If you are interested in any of them let us know.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 7072 nightdress with 7081 negligee at the Curve Exhibition in New York.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 5273 nightdress with 5284 negligee.

This is Olga Sokolova wearing Jane’s 30710 nightdress.

Tell a Friend

Well, we had some fun with the “tell a friend” facility on one of our websites yesterday. After a bit of detective work we found that someone had managed to utilise our free email service to tell other people about our products for their own devices! They had created a robot that sent out emails aka spam to all sorts of email addresses claiming it was from us but in reality it was from some dodgy website and plenty of bogus email accounts claiming you could make money by processing emails. What a cheek!
Once we found this we immediately go to work and installed a CAPTCHA system on it which has currently stopped it in its tracks. NO MORE SPAM!
So I advise all of you that have websites with self emailing systems to put something on it to make sure its a human and not a robot. You don’t want to get blacklisted. And keep a close eye on the email account that those emails are generated from. They can send out hundreds of emails a day. If you do find anything like this do report the email addresses to the email providers. They will investigate and shut down the email accounts and block the websites. Don’t make it easy for them.